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Rusty is a professional narrator whose authoritative, yet compassionate tones are perfect for corporate trainings, eLearning, explainers, medical narration and any production that needs to make a point in a friendly and positive way.

People are drawn in by his voice, they pay attention to what he is saying. This increases the chance of your message getting through to it’s intended audience.

Whether you are looking for an authoritative, assertive, compassionate and caring, or just an “in the know” voice to share your information, Rusty will perform with heart and your audience will get the message.


With Rusty’s military and corporate background, it makes perfect sense for him to focus on corporate narration. This allows him to put all of his experiences to work for his customers in a specialized manner. For this reason, Rusty has a focused scope of services he provides.

Corporate narration: Films, PowerPoint presentations, Slide shows, etc.

Corporate eLearning: Onboarding, Compliance training, Product/Sales training, etc.

Academic eLearning: English language training, etc.

Explainer videos and animations: Onboarding, Product usage, Skill enhancements, etc.

Telephony/IVR: Voicemail systems, deliverable voicemail, etc.

Medical/Pharmaceutical: Explainers, eLearning, etc.

If there is a project you feel Rusty’s voice would be good for, but it is not listed above, send him a message and he’ll discuss whether he feels he’d be a good fit for it.


Rusty takes a consultative approach to working with clients. He wants to be sure he understands exactly what you are hoping to achieve with your production.

When time allows he’d like to ask about the purpose of the message, who the audience is, why the message is important, what it means to both you and your audience.

The more Rusty understands about your production, the more heart he’ll be able to put into it.

Rusty Jones uses a Rode microphone for his voice over projects


"I have worked with Rusty on several projects now and am always really impressed with the presentations delivered. The tone and delivery are exactly what we want and the quality of his recordings are always very clean. This attention to detail and quality also comes with excellent turnaround times and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future."

– Michael Goode/VideoTile Learning

“Rusty's authoritative yet compassionate tone is perfect for corporate trainings, eLearning, explainers, medical narration and any production that needs to inform listeners in a way that is both knowledgeable and affirming.”

– Grace Keller Scotch

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“I absolutely recommend Rusty as a narrator, I’m very happy with his work on my audiobook. Hearing him read one of my chapters made me zone out and tear up a bit. He did an amazing job!” 

– James McEntire

“We needed a couple of whiteboard animations narrated and asked Rusty if he could do this. At the time he’d had no training and was not a professional but I knew him to be a very clear and engaging speaker. He did a great job! I strongly recommend Rusty as a voice talent.”

– Success Systems NMI


"I’d had two careers before starting a third as a voice actor. I spent 22 years serving in the U.S. Air Force as an Intelligence Operator and Recruiter. After retiring from the Air Force, I went into sales and sales management. Both of these earlier careers have prepared me for the last career endeavor I will take: Voice Acting.

"I love what I do now! Doing voiceover work doesn’t really feel like a job. I absolutely enjoy it. I’ve heard it said that if you can find a job you really love doing, you’ll never work a day in your life. I believe that now!

"I’ve always loved helping people. I think that’s why as a voice actor I’ve decided to focus so much on narration. Corporate narration, eLearning, explainers, medical narration, these are all things that will help others. Putting my voice on a video explainer to help someone understand what they are doing is so appealing to me that I simply have to do a great job! Knowing that professionals will be listening to a corporate training video, that I’ve voiced, to improve their job skills gives me an awesome sense of accomplishment. But the best of all would be voicing a medical video that would explain to patients a scary procedure they are about to go through. Helping them to understand that they will be ok… wow!"


Nearly 25 years ago I was an Air Force Recruiter with no acting training at all. I had won tickets to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert and called my boss to let him know I had a pair for him and his wife as well. When he didn’t answer I, for some unknown reason, slipped into an announcer’s voice and left a voicemail for him that he’d won a pair of tickets for the show. After hearing my message, he didn’t recognize my voice. When I explained it to him he laughed and told me I should go into radio.

For years people have been telling me I have a voice for radio. It allowed me to do things like become the primary intelligence briefer for the Northern Pacific theater while I was in the Air Force. I put voice to numerous PowerPoint presentations as a realtor and sales manager. I dubbed several white board animations for business friends and I spent hours and hours teaching English online.

All of this led me to taking the steps to do this work as a profession. I reached out and found a coach who helped me get started. I then took some acting lessons and signed up for a more formal training program with Edge Studio in Manhattan. Today I continue working with coaches to hone my craft.

REACH OUT if you want to work with a professional narrator who has your best production at heart.

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